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An Interview of @EndreJofoldi of HealthMash

Thu 12 November, 2009

HealthMash logo

HealthMash is one of the newer search engines for health care content and media by a team from Hungary and the US. HealthMash returns an array of finds and displays them within categories. Here in the US, most of the Web products that receive the most attention come out of Silicon Valley. What goes unnoticed is just how much remarkable work gets done around the world. Hungary, for example, has traditionally had one of the highest per capita rates of mathematicians. So it’s encouraging to see these products being developed internationally.

HealthMash enables users to search generally, or ask the engine to return results garnered from Twitter or for Video for Images or Drugs and other contextualizing formats.

Read the whole article on Phil Baumann's blog.

Health/medical tools

Tue 13 October, 2009

The recently public HealthMash tool, which is said to provide relevant health information from trusted sites.

For more information on the unique features of HealthMash, try reading medical librarian

Hope Leman’s interview with HealthMash CEO Endre Jofoldi.

Read the whole article.


Beta test Semantic Health Search Engine HealthMash

Thu 8 October, 2009

We are proud to inform you, that HealthMash went public today, as we were presenting it to Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco as one of the 16 selected presenters.

Your feedback will be invaluable in evolving HealthMash into the highest quality next generation health information resource on the Web.

Medical libraries and healthcare organizations will be able to create custom federated search applications using this powerful new technology.

Our mission is to promote health and well being in the world by providing personally relevant information from trusted health sites on the Web.

HealthMash is powered by the world’s most sophisticated Health Knowledge Base that captures the expertise of medical professionals and people everywhere practicing the art of living and healing and the Wisdom of the Ages.

HealthMash combines sophisticated Web 2.0 universal search and discovery technology with Semantic Web Concepts in a simple yet highly informative user interface.

Please try out HealthMash:

PolyMeta review ar 4R x T

Tue 23 June, 2009

The clustering, cluster graph, and display of results from all databases on the results page are particularly useful.


  • searches four major search engines
  • integrates social media: searches Twitter, has Facebook group, supports bookmarking and sharing on 44 different sites
  • can be added to search engine box in browser
  • provides code to add an AllPlus search box to a website
  • provides fewer than 200 results
  • displays results from all databases on results page
  • clusters results by common keywords
  • provides cluster graph
  • lists search engines in which each result originally appeared
  • suggests alternate search terms
  • provides option of showing the number of hits from each search engine
  • provides option of searching with results

Read the whole review on 4rxt

Medical Search for Physicians

Tue 16 June, 2009

Rapid and unimpeded access to validated, accurate, digestible and easily retrievable health information is an essential tool in the care-giving belt of the astute medical professional. In stark contrast to the worlds economic decline - the repository of health information is experiencing unprecedented exponential growth, and is fast outstripping the humble physicians ability to remain ‘au courant’ and abrest with developments in medical management.

So how do physicians remain informed?

ScienceRoll Search Engine. This Medical Meta Search Engine is run by Bertalan Meskó who, with the help of has created a well structured medical search database.

PolyMeta is an advanced Web 2.0 meta-search and clustering engine. PolyMeta enables organizations and individuals to simultaneously search diverse information resources on the Web with a common interface.

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