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Personalized Medical Search Engine: With Medgadget

Fri 25 July, 2008

One of the projects he's been testing is Scienceroll Search, a personalized medical search engine powered by You can choose which databases to search in and which to exclude from your list. It works with well-known medical databases and there is an open discussion about which new sources to use. Essentially it's up to the users. Now you can search in the database through Medgadget posts as well.


PolyMeta - impressive new metaseach engine

Thu 29 May, 2008

The cluster tree shows topics - fairly descriptive rather than the one-word form used at several metasearchers. The graph is done through Java - will be slower to load but is worth the wait in order to fine tune the search. Web 2.0 interface is effective. Tool does show source search engine for result (MSN, Google etc). It doesn't provide any controls on choice of engine, number of results, or an "advanced" search form. But that's fine - it's still impressive. PolyMeta is a keeper.


Science as Conversation

Thu 29 May, 2008

So what is so different? Well, when you use ScienceRoll Medical Search you do still get results from PubMed mixed in. That is also true of Google Scholar. ScienceRoll, though, is a bit like a blogroll -- "who are your favorites?" ScienceRoll searches the crème de la crème of the medical web -- World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, National Institutes of Health, Health On the Net, and many more. Then it gives you what it finds (a little, not too much, some consumer, some clinical) with more suggestions and ideas for refining your search. For a site targeting the general public I can definitely see why Chris felt this was a better choice than dumping John Q Public directly into the heart of the clinical dialog.

- Science as Conversation

WebLib Launches Universal Meta-Search and Discovery Engine

Tue 27 May, 2008

PolyMeta, the web’s first universal metasearch and clustering engine has been released by WebLib ( PolyMeta simultaneously searches the major U.S. search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and for webpages, news, videos, images, and blogs, and it presents all the results in an intuitive and clearly organized way through its Web 2.0 interface.


PolyMeta: The Universal Meta Search and Discovery Engine

Sun 27 April, 2008

PolyMeta is a relatively new metacrawler that searches for websites, news, images, video, and blogs on the major search engines. I was able to add PolyMeta to the search engines in my IE 7 browser, so I’ve been using it a fair amount recently. It’s finicky on occasion, but I like it a lot.


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